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ZootBites Caramel Espresso Brownies


ZootBites Brownies contain 10mg THC in each serving. We recommend starting with half a serving until you are comfortable with your ZootLevel.

ZootBites Caramel Espresso Brownies

Indulge your cravings with sinfully delicious ZootBites Caramel Espresso Brownies—Washington State’s best-selling baked edible! Gluten-free ZootBites are handmade with rich, premium chocolate and all natural ingredients. Each blended with 10mg THC and contains just 70 calories and 3.5g fat— so you can indulge without the guilt. ZootBites Brownies are available in packages of two (20mg THC total) and also six (60mg THC total). Moreover, with each brownie individually sealed in nitrogen-flushed packaging for maximum freshness.


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