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Wind Cannabis Vape Cartridges


Wind Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Sunderstorm extracts the oil in these vapes from clean cannabis that is grown free of pesticides. Wind vape cartridges are manufactured and distributed by Sunderstorm, a company native to Los Angeles. This Wind vape review revealed a high-quality cartridge that really packs on the strength. The carts are built sturdy and have a pure distillate that smokes smooth and hits hard.

Sunderstorm doesn’t skimp on quality with their Wind Cannabis vape cartridges. With a mouthpiece and base made of metal, the carts are quite sturdy and feel very substantial when held. Wind vape cartridges have a thick glass tank, which is preferred over plastic, to ensure no plastic permeates their pure oil.

Moreover, Sunderstorm takes care to provide the purest solvent-free distillates to put into their Wind vape cartridge. They start with strict pesticide-free cannabis cultivation and extract the oils using C02. They triple distil their oil and purge it completely to achieve unmatched purity before putting the golden fluid into a cartridge.

These distillates smoke very smooth and they hit very hard. Testing at 90% THC, this batch of Jack Herer really packs a punch. However, what really makes it so intense is the fact that the distillate has CBD present. The high potency of THC mixed with CBD gives Wind vape cartridges a hallucinogenic effect that is very intense.

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