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Pure One Vape Cartridges


Pure One Vape Cartridges

This brand offers a wide range of cannabis products. The PureONE CO2 Cartridges are the company’s most popular product. And also available in an array of strains to meet any occasion. Do you want to experience the effects and flavor profile found in the original flowers at their magnified state? Then we highly recommended that you check out Pure Vape’s rendition of the cannabis strains Gelato 33, Tangie, or Paris OG.

Pure Vape is a long-established licensed cannabis company located in Southern California. Their company was founded in 2007 with their core values being very simple. Thus, delivering the highest quality and consistency , through a brand name you can rely on. Using a proprietary triple distilled oil, all of their products are pure, organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent free . They assign vigorous testing to all of their products as to assure they remain pesticide free, allowing their consumers to have the utmost flavor profile experience possible.

Also, they carry an array of stylish vape products that cater to the socially conscious cannabis user looking for wellness and a true cannabis taste. Moreover, they are available in THC, CBD and 50/50. Pure One Vape Cartridges for sale.


Pure One

Amnesia Haze, Critical Kush, Do Si Dos, Forbidden Fruit, Gelato 33, Gorilla Glue, GSC, Hawaiian Snow, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Louie XIII, Paris OG, Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, Skywalker OG, Sour Diesel, Sunset Sherbet, Tangie, Wedding Cake, Wiz Khalifa OG


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