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Cobra Extracts CO2 Cartridges


Cobra Extracts CO2 Cartridges

The CO2 oil cartridges – produced using an all natural extraction process that utilizes cold extraction and cold filtration. We believe in not messing around with what mother nature has made. There are no additives or preservatives in our products; and we never cut our oil with anything. Our CO2 oil strives to maintain the full spectrum profile of the plant to be as close to the flower of any extract available.


Cobra Extracts

Blue Dream (Sativa), Chernobyl, Cherry Pie, Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, NY Diesel (Sativa-dominant), OG Kush (Indica), Purple Haze, Purple Urkle, Skywalker, Sour Diesel (Sativa), Trinity




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