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Buy Rove Vape Cartridges


Buy Rove Vape Cartridges

A practical and honest cannabis product that anyone can enjoy. Portable and also discreet, it combines convenience and quality providing relief wherever, whenever. Derived from all organically grown flowers and extracted using the cleanest technology available, liquid carbon dioxide. Coupled with our strong commitment to incorporate customer feedback in product development and strict quality control standards, this process ensures a great tasting and consistent product.

Rove uses a high quality stainless steel & pyrex glass cartridge equipped with a sure-fire ceramic atomizer and a VCT bottom flow, pass-through air channel system. This unique chamber ensures excellent taste and flow, while minimizing any possible leakage. Paired with its long lasting 400mAh battery, Rove is always the best choice. Buy Rove Vape Cartridges 

84% average THC level sounds like a heavier hitter than it is. This vape is not overpowering and is suitable for morning or daytime use. The effects are mostly felt in the head, in an upward directed rush that is giggly and uplifting but with very little psychoactivity. Body mellow is a soothing relaxation that helps keep you settled and serene. This vape is great for managing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.




Ape (Indica), Cookies (Hybrid), Dream (Hybrid), Glue (Hybrid), Haze (Sativa), Kush (Indica), OG (Indica), Punch (Sativa), Sherbet (Hybrid), Skywalker (Indica), Tangie (Sativa), Waui (Sativa)




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